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Eastsun Electricity Science and Technology(China) Co., Ltd.

as an industrial power in the field of expert, Eastsun electrical has strong R & D and manufacturing capability, which makes the manufacturing cost is further reduced, thus greatly enhance the competitiveness of products. Products adopt advanced DSP digital control and industrial grade components and refined. Especially the control technology of large power UPS and a plurality of redundancy and machine with the leading industry, industry, manufacturing of the digital DSP control technology leader in the UPS products, therefore, the product has the excellence of high reliability, stability, durability and applicability. Technical advantage, beautiful appearance, excellent workmanship, reasonable price. Eastsun electric power products in addition to standard, the main competitive advantage is to provide specialized products according to users different requirements, special equipment product is especially suitable for the electrical environment complex and bad industrial electrical guarantee, ensure the continuity of power supply and reliability.

(EASTSUN) in the Chinese market has been to excellence in technology, reliable quality, perfect after sale service and the staff of good quality and professionalism, won industry recognition and praise, and to gain the full trust of customers. Statistics according to the IT industrial most authoritative organization CCID, Eastsun UPS in mainland China, in the large UPS market share reached 25%, in use at most UPS communication and the financial sector, are exclusive in a leading position. Power system es will provide you with safe, stable, reliable.

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