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China PV industry become the world's largest market

Early June this year, according to the "Global New Energy Development Report 2014" released in Beijing, China has surpassed Germany, for the first time to become the world's largest PV market.

The report is finished by the team of Hina Holdings and Trans Union Chamber of Commerce,which is the most authoritative and comprehensive New Energy and Industrial Statistics Yearbook reports in the new global energy market.Last year's new Global Energy Development Report, had predicted that China will become the world's largest PV market, and this prediction has been confirmed this year.Vice president of the entire United New Energy Chamber Shaojun Zeng said that in 2013 the global new energy industry keep a sustainable development,on the one hand, technological advances continue to play a catalytic role; on the other hand, the pressure to improve the ecological environment also prompted governments to adjust the energy structure as the most realistic means of dealing with pollution, security of energy supply.He also suggested that Chinese enterprises should seize this favorable opportunity of market development, increase the industry's technology investment to accelerate the pace of internationalization.Enhance China's share and power in global corporate new energy industry.

According to this report the global PV market is gradually transferred from the core area of Europe to Asia.

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